The Lotus Room

R E S T & R E L A X

Wax Treatments


Using natural, anti-bacterial wax to remove stubborn and unwanted hairs.


Australian Bodycare is applied after waxing; using the highest quality grade of Tea Tree oil to protect through it's anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti fungal formula.


Applying Australian Bodycare lotion after waxing, provides the reassurance and comfort of knowing that your skin is left smooth, fresh and clean.

1/2 Leg Wax:


1/2 Leg & Bikini:


Full Leg:


Full Leg & Bikini:


3/4 Leg:


Top Leg & Bikini:


Full Arm:


1/2 Arm:


Upper Arm:


Upper Lip & Chin:


Bikini: from


Men's Waxing: from


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