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CACI: The Non Surgical Face Lift


As we age our facial muscles naturally start to lose tone and elasticity. CACI treatments offer a non surgical solution to combat the loss of muscle tone by using micro-current technology.


Developed more than 25 years ago in the US as a medical treatment for patients with Bells Palsy, doctors noticed the improvement in muscle tone and the appearance of younger looking skin. CACI took this idea forward and introduced it to the beauty industry.


During the treatment, your facial muscles are gently 're-educated' mirroring your body’s own natural bio-electrical field as the treatment restores tone and elasticity with instantly visible results to enhance a youthful appearance.


1/2 Face Demonstration:


CACI Face Treatment (Course of 10):


CACI Face (Maintenance) Treatment:


CACI Hand Treatment:


CACI Hand Treatment with Manicure:


These treatments promise younger looking hands. Counteracting skin damage, pigmentation marks and smoothing rough skin.


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